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  1. "Slacker Cluster 0.12: Grouping"

    What are Slacker and Slacker Cluster

    Slacker is my side project started in late 2011. The goal of Slacker project is to provide a high performance RPC system for clojure, with elegant API. Slacker doesn't ruin your code. Your remote invocation looks exactly same as local, from code. That means …

  2. "Fork-Join in Papaline"

    Papaline 0.3 introduced a new model "fork-join" for task execution. It allows you to split a task into smaller units, and execute them in parallel.

    Before that, a task is processed as a single unit from the first stage to the second, the third and the last. Within a …

  3. "Papaline: Concurrent pipeline with core.async"

    According to wikipedia, Staged Event-driven Architecture is an approach to software architecture that decomposes a complex, event-driven application into a set of stages connected by queues. We were using Java framework, stages, to implement queue based SEDA. As we are using more and more Clojure nowadays, I decide to re-implement …

  4. "slacker library updated"

    After almost two years idle in commit log, I restarted development of my slacker frameworks recently. It will be used in our AVOS Cloud production as integration solution between clojure systems.

    The recent update in slacker, slacker-cluster and link are:


    There are two releases in the link library, features …

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