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  1. Custom JRE for Clojure app distribution

    Modular Java was introduced in JDK 9, and considered to be the largest architectural change in Java, ever. The core of Java libraries were split into several modules, sits in $JAVA_HOME/jmods. The bloated, monolithic rt.jar is no more.

    Modular Java requires you to include a module-info.java for …

  2. Slacker 0.15 released

    After another year of development, I'm proud to announce a new major release of my Clojure RPC library, slacker. This release, 0.15.0, includes an update on wire protocol, some performance improvement and bugfix.

    The request extension

    This release of slacker client use v6 protocol by default. The server …

  3. "Slacker Cluster 0.12: Grouping"

    What are Slacker and Slacker Cluster

    Slacker is my side project started in late 2011. The goal of Slacker project is to provide a high performance RPC system for clojure, with elegant API. Slacker doesn't ruin your code. Your remote invocation looks exactly same as local, from code. That means …

  4. "Fork-Join in Papaline"

    Papaline 0.3 introduced a new model "fork-join" for task execution. It allows you to split a task into smaller units, and execute them in parallel.

    Before that, a task is processed as a single unit from the first stage to the second, the third and the last. Within a …

  5. "Papaline: Concurrent pipeline with core.async"

    According to wikipedia, Staged Event-driven Architecture is an approach to software architecture that decomposes a complex, event-driven application into a set of stages connected by queues. We were using Java framework, stages, to implement queue based SEDA. As we are using more and more Clojure nowadays, I decide to re-implement …

  6. "slacker library updated"

    After almost two years idle in commit log, I restarted development of my slacker frameworks recently. It will be used in our AVOS Cloud production as integration solution between clojure systems.

    The recent update in slacker, slacker-cluster and link are:


    There are two releases in the link library, features …