"slacker library updated"

After almost two years idle in commit log, I restarted development of my slacker frameworks recently. It will be used in our AVOS Cloud production as integration solution between clojure systems.

The recent update in slacker, slacker-cluster and link are:


There are two releases in the link library, features include:

  • Ported to Netty 4
  • WebSocket server handler
  • Ability to shutdown server
  • Ability to use core.async with link ring adapter


The most recent release of slacker is 0.11.0:

  • New ping-interval option for clients
  • Async callback will accept two argument, and can handle exceptions
  • Slingshot removed, we are now using clojure built-in ex-info
  • All client creation functions and defn-remote are delayed
  • Bugfix for issue when several clients started in a process


There's major enhancement in slacker cluster 0.11.0

  • Server exception no longer blocks client
  • Added options to call functions on multiple servers, control return type and exception handling

All these libraries are available on github. I will write more about how we use them in AVOS Cloud in future.